There are many simple things that business forget or simply overlook when trying to establish themselves, create an on line presence or manage a developing business. In the SME sector this is especially true. Business owners are driven by passion in the early days and this passion is what determines whether or not the business survives. This is the “WHY” the business is there.

However very often as the business grows the business loses the “WHY WE DO IT” and end up as a “WHAT WE DO”. It is my goal to help small businesses reconnect with the WHY, while fuelling the WHAT

When we work with a client, we connect with the WHY, we try to embody the core essence of the business in the message that it delivers to its existing or new potential customers. Your marketing material, digital or otherwise, needs to resonate with your customers needs.

So the creation of any digital media, whether it be whiteboard animation, newsletters, email autoresponders or anything else need to connect with your customers.

We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of what you hope to achieve, and then we will get to the essence of your message and embody that in any digital media that we create for you.

Our team includes experienced graphic designers who can create unique designs that will capture your core message and we can deliver that message in any media that you want. So contact us today to discuss your needs.

Digital Marketing



Some may be surprised to learn that the term “Digital Marketing” has been around since the 1990’s, with email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). Many small and medium business owners are just now learning more about it, as it gains momentum in the contemporary marketing environment we now have multiple platforms to consider as part of your digital marketing campaign.

Simply defined, digital marketing is a discipline of marketing which focuses on the use of technology to reach an audience, sell a product or service, grow the awareness of a business or a brand, communicate effectively with customers, and bring more customers to a business.

The concept of digital marketing has evolved significantly over the years and continues to evolve. As technology changes and advances so does digital marketing – with new ways to reach customers becoming available every day.

The following platforms create a digital marketing campaign, websites, display advertising, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, search engine marketing, retargeting, lead generation, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing and marketing automation.

At Online Success we can implement a Digital Marketing campaign as part of our complete service.

C.R.M Systems



All businesses sell a product or service, and all businesses have customers, someone who you want to purchase or use whatever it is that you provide. But many companies rely simply on their inbox and calendar to manage what they have to do and when they have to do it. They rely on their sales or customer support staff to represent the best interests of the business by taking care of their customers. Let me ask you two questions, do you remember everything you said to every one of your customers? Do you remember everything that they said to you? Chances are that you are like the vast majority of people, some things get forgotten and opportunities are missed.

In reality your customers need to be managed, they need to be nurtured and they need to feel that you have heard their needs and that you can deliver what they expect. The days of the diary are gone, your customers have more choices than ever and unless you have a truly unique product, they are constantly being exposed to skillful marketeers who want to entice them away from your product or service and to theirs.

A frightening fact is that over 70% of companies rely on outdated methods of communication. They rely on diaries, inboxes and calendars, but that’s not enough. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in. A CRM system becomes your memory, your way of making sure you deliver 100% of the time. From logging your inward and outward communications to scheduling actions to be completed a CRM system is vital if you want to ensure that your communications and interactions with your clients is managed, tracked and effective.

We work on a business level with our clients to ensure that they have a business tool and not just a web site. We can offer our clients access to an enterprise class CRM System that is actually free, yes you read correctly free. This system allows for unlimited users, marketing, newsletters, automation and more. Contact us today to discuss your web and CRM needs.