When a person or business wants to create a web site they often make the mistake of putting what they want to see first, forgetting that the most important piece that needs to be delivered is what the potential customer wants to see. After all we create websites to attract some form of attention for what we offer.

Your visitors are no longer sitting at a PC at home or in their office, they are on the go and expect to have access to the information that they want in the way that they want it! But what many potential clients don’t know is that meeting the expectations of your customers is only half the battle, search engines now will only present your website if it meets their expectations so the days of the keyword are gone. Search engines rank your page based upon many factors that have one focus, that is to deliver the best experience for your customers.

We offer our clients access to cutting edge website designs that can be delivered on any device, from laptops to tablets or phones and more.

Delivering a website design that is responsive and can meet your customers expectations is crucial.

If you want a great website, that is responsive and will deliver your message in the correct way the Contact us.

Search Engine Optimisation


Putting up a website and expecting that you will have lots of visitors and possibly customers is an ambition or even possibly a dream. The reality is that putting up your dream website is only going to work for you! I f you don’t build it the way the search engines want to see it you will spend lots and lots of time scratching your head trying to figure out why your new website isn’t performing.

If you have a badly designed website that has been there for a while and not performing, you could be in even more trouble than you realise. The website that you have may have been crawled by the search engines, they realise that it isn’t optimised and they are no longer prioritising your content, why? Because it doesn’t meet what THEY want to see.

This is where we come in, we have the search engine optimisation experts available to help your website perform better. We can look at what you have and come up with a plan to move you up the page rankings. But be under no illusion, this isn’t something that happens overnight, it is a process. Yes we will adhere to what the search engines expect from an optimised website today, but Google, Firefox, Bing and all the search engines change their algorithms regularly. So search engine optimisation should be considered almost like a maintenance plan. You service your car at regular intervals, well your website or e-commerce store should be no different.

When you are ready to make your website or store really perform simply Contact us and we will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your project ambitions.

E-Commerce Stores



When entering the world of E-Commerce many people forget that they are actually selling on line. For the vast amount of businesses they forget that they are not Amazon, with infinite marketing budgets, strategies that have been developed by multi national consultancy firms and teams of developers whose only role is to continually optimise their technology.

The reality in the E-Commerce space is that people put up a website in the expectation that they will get business, unfortunately this isn’t reality! There are many other considerations that need to be taken into account as part of your overall strategy.

Fortunately we have been in the E-Commerce space for over a decade and we have plenty of experience in setting up stores that actually sell!

When we partner with a company to deliver an E-Commerce solution, we draw upon the experience gained the hard way. We know the many pitfalls that could hinder your success, we guide our clients not only through the E-Commerce development challenges, we offer advice on the business issues that may undermine the success of your on line selling ability. After all if your store doesn’t actually sell  it’s nothing more than an expensive ornament.

Technologies & Experience

Technologies & Experience

  • .Net (VB / C#)


  • Ajax

  • JavaScript

  • VB Script

  • ASP

  • CSS

  • JDK

  • JSP

  • Servlets

  • IIS

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • J2ME

  • JAVA Portlets

  • JSF

  • Struts 2.0

  • OLAP Front Ends


  • W3C

  • Bobby AA

  • Web Sphere

  • Web Logic

  • Jboss

  • J-Run

  • Tomcat

  • Apache

  • Rasin

  • DB 2

  • My SQL

  • MS Access



  • Sybase

  • SQL Server

  • Web Services

  • .Net Remoting

  • J2EE, EJB

  • Hibernating, Spring

  • SOA

  • Jboss Portal

  • DotNetNuke

Mobile Applications



Have you a great product or service and you want to expose it to the potential of the huge global mobile audience? Do you have a service that is paper based that you wold like to make paperless?

If you do then you need to talk to us. We can meet with you, gain an understanding of your business and through detailed analysis of your business processes we can create a mobile APP that will allow you to deliver content, sell products or streamline how you deliver your service.

The key to development of a mobile APP isn’t coding or technology, it is a thorough understanding of the business, it’s about how your business works, what you want to deliver and then the most important part is to put yourself in the seat of your customer. You need to deliver your solution in a way that will appeal to their needs as well as realising your business objectives.

We can work with you to gain a thorough understanding of how your business currently works, we can look at your workflows, how you do what you currently do and more importantly why you do it that way. Sometimes businesses just do things “Because that’s the way we have always done it”. Well that may be fine for you, but does that translate into what your customers want? This is a question that is not only relevant when considering delivering a mobile APP, this is a fundamental question that all businesses need to ask, and they need to ask this question on a regular basis!

So if you or your business are ready to look at delivering a cutting edge mobile solution for your customers and you are ready to look at how you do what you do, with a view to making it translate into what your customers actually want then Contact us and lets start to work together.

Custom Applications



There are many great website content management systems and E-Commerce platforms available and many of the best ones are actually free. They come with some great features with plugins and extensions that will meet MOST of your needs. The problem is that you cant fit a round peg into a square hole and sometimes the off the shelf plugins or extensions wont meet your needs.

That’s where we come into our own, when you need something that isn’t “off the shelf” we have the development resources available to build your own custom application that will meet your exact business needs. We work with our clients to create the development specification, project manage the build and deliver a custom solution that will help drive your business forward.

The creation of a custom web application may seem daunting, but don’t worry, we have been through this process many times and our experience will guide you. We pay great attention to the detail that will be needed to create your custom web application, so great emphasis is placed on the initial project management meeting. From this meeting a technical specification document will be produced that will outline all requirements and only when you sign off on this document will production begin. This will form the blueprint for the functionality that will be required and it will be used by our developers in the development cycle.

At the end of the process you will have the custom application you require, developed, tested and deployed to your site.

Contact us to discuss building your own custom application

Membership Sites



Setting up a membership site can seem like a daunting challenge, there are many considerations that need to be made around security and how your site will deliver your content. This is especially true if you are charging for the membership.

Fortunately, at Online Success, we have many years experience in setting up membership systems. We can guide you through the essential considerations that need to be made long before you even consider having the site built. Our consultancy service will help you to plan all elements of your new membership system, we will work out what needs to be seen and when by your members.

A well thought out membership system can deliver all the content you need automatically, reducing the actual time you need to spend on it once it is set up. It is this level of automation that brings your membership system to life and can offer value to your members and can offer the potential of your members encouraging their friends, family or colleagues to become members.